ChatGPT, How it might impact badly to the human world.

One of the most fascinating industries in the world is the software sector. The IT industry has exploded in recent years. Even during the pandemic (Covid-19), the industry continued, but the actual pandemic in the IT sector is about to begin.

According to Wakeupcoders' standards, The automation world is where we can automate almost everything. Numerous autocomplete code plugins have been developed over the past few decades, including tab nine, kite, and many others. However, this is the first time generic AI (Artificial Intelligence) came into the picture with ChatGPT. Instead of being basic programs like other auto-complete, It has the capacity to grasp NLP.

ChatGPT can do various stuff for you. This can write a song, Search for a food recipe or This can write a programming code for you as well. It's amazing in the first step that it can do almost everything, You might judge its behavior when it will become mature enough to learn the other sectors as well. 

On the one hand, this will give freedom to do fast things for humans but on the other hand, It might create long-term issues for the whole human.

Problems that a Human Might Face in the Future

1. Laziness & Health Issues

Most things nowadays are either automated or managed by a third party for a company even that third party might use some sort of software-based tool to complete that work, because of this mentality real human effort is going to be reduced a lot, This can make a person stuck inside the comfort zone and many people will stop struggling for a lot of things and this can cause mental laziness issue. Once a person gets stuck in the comfort of laziness, People generally stop doing physical activities and This can become the reason for bad health issues.

2. Recession

ChatGPT gives the ease to do almost everything, This might create demand and supply disruption in jobs because the work of 10 people can be easily handled by 4 to 5 people. So a lot of unemployment can occur. Only those sectors can become highly paid and employment which will have real demand for skilled humans. This can cause the scenarios like recession in some industries.

The most recent innovation from OpenAI, ChatGPT, offers a lot to be excited about. However, there are certainly major issues that are worth comprehending beyond their immediate usefulness.

OpenAI acknowledges that ChatGPT can provide inaccurate and biased results in addition to having the capacity to blend fact and fiction. It's challenging to foresee what further issues will emerge with a technology that's so fresh. So until then, have fun exploring ChatGPT and use caution about what you decide to believe.

Always remember whatever technology you are using can never go beyond the power of nature. It's not bad to use such emerging technology but always make sure that you are not getting disconnected from nature and real life otherwise it can cause serious issues. 
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